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Temporary Office Space Locations: Where You Work Matters!

“Location, location, location” – the long-lived real estate adage is evident in all Jay Suites New York modern office spaces in Manhattan. Before considering a new neighborhood, we conduct a thorough analysis of the area’s potential. When our clients search for temporary New York office space for rent Manhattan, we understand what’s important: a central location with easy access to service providers and workday needs.

New York Offices
for Lease:
Convenience is Key!

Access to mass transit is central to our decision – that’s why all of our temporary, short term office space is steps away from major transportation hubs. Of course, being close to a subway is not enough: New York short term office space members deserve the best, which is why we select buildings with luxurious and functional lobbies and common areas. Every location has a lobby attendant onsite for optimal security. To compliment your staff’s productivity, we furnish our New York temporary office space with high-end, modern décor and impressive corporate touches.

Business-friendly Manhattan Office Locations

When selecting our locations across the city we considered not only your needs, but that of your employees and clients. As an entrepreneur, deciding where your business will be located can greatly affect your revenue and overall growth. It is a decision that has to be made by small and large companies alike, you don’t want to choose a location as your headquarters that will discourage your clients from visiting or hinder you from finding the right talent. All Jay Suites locations are situated on major avenues and within walking distance from mass transit, keeping you in close proximity with your client base. We have the perfect office for rent Manhattan tailored specifically to the needs of your business. A recognizable Manhattan address also allows for an easy commute for your employees, having a location that is both practical and appealing can attract a higher quality workforce.

Temporary Office
Space in NYC

There are many networking advantages being surrounded by complementary businesses and likeminded entrepreneurs, not to mention the amount saved in operational costs. With our reliable services and flexible terms, you do not have to plan ahead for future space. We are always happy to accommodate your needs for office space Manhattan as they change overtime. We are here to meet both your present and your future needs. Don’t get locked into an expensive long-term lease. We offer flexible short term office space all at a fixed rate with no long-term commitments.

Are you looking for an office to rent in Manhattan? Give us a call or stop by one of our New York office for rent Manhattan locations to learn how we’ve raised the bar, and see how our services can better your business.

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