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When you have a demanding job, sticking to an exercise regimen can be difficult.

We’ve all read and understand the significance of staying active, which has a positive impact on everything from our physical looks, mood, health and overall wellbeing. But between working long hours, having a family, going to school, or numerous other commitments, this item often falls further down in our agenda. To the rescue: here are three ways to make sure that “get moving” not only stays in your mind but also gets done, even in your most chaotic days. Here are three ways to incorporate more exercise into your day.

Act #1: locate wisely

The best way to make sure you actually stop by the gym at some point

Woman walking outside
Walking is the easiest way to get activity during your workday

during the day – before, during or after work – is to locate as close as possible. In fact, the gym should be on your way home from the office; this constant visibility serves as a constant reminder, which is an important factor to maintaining a consistent workout schedule. If you’re an employee working for a company, choose a gym directly adjacent to your office building. If you’re independent, choose an office as close to your gym as possible. I work out of Jay Suites’ office space center in the Financial District, which is down the street from the Wall Street Equinox.

Act #2: walk the talk

While an in-person meeting often necessitates sitting down for an eye-to-eye discussion with your peers, phone calls have a different dynamic. Use them to work your muscles: get up and walk around the room, stand up by your desk, or even just perform some basic stretches in your chair. You’ll not only feel more awake instantly, but you’ll also find that you’re able to focus better and provide more relevant, creative responses to your colleagues’ questions. This tip is especially relevant for salespeople, who are often on the phone throughout their day. Even if you’re reviewing a document or webpage, notice when you’re not discussing anything specific on the computer screen and turn away from it for a few minutes; your eyes and body will thank you.

Act #3: empower your lunch

Instead of ordering in, make it a point to leave your desk in order to get food during lunch. You’ll not only feel more energized and be productive afterwards – from renewed blood flow, courtesy of better circulation from moving – but that boost will also last you throughout the afternoon, helping to combat the well-documented energy dip towards the latter half of your day. Taking a break from a task is also a proven way to improve your performance when you resume, since humans work best in bursts of activity. Plus, if you choose a place close enough, you’ll likely spend just a few more minutes walking than you would waiting on the phone for the restaurant employee to take your order. So use this as an opportunity to better yourself both physically and professionally!

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