Tenant Spotlight: E & J New Media

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After nearly a decade in the national New Media Advertising advertising world, Mark Kaliss, CEO & Founder of E & J New Media, decided to break out on his own and implement the innovative and lucrative strategies he’d been bringing to market for years. Founded in 2008, E & J New Media takes the concept of mobile marketing to the next level by providing clients with the opportunity to compliment their traditional internet marketing with marketing on the mobile web as well as relevant applications. This also simultaneously, provides a turnkey advertising monetization solution for mobile social networks, applications and mobile web sites.

The concept is simple: Every day, more and more people access the internet through their mobile devices. According to Google, 300,000 new Android smart phones are beating activated each day. Recent studies also show that younger Americans are more frequently accessing the web via mobile device and more likely to use apps, versus utilizing a traditional computer-based internet connection. As the prevalence of mobile web use continues to surge, so will the marketing opportunities that E&J provides both to their clients, and mobile application & content provider publishing partners.

Rather than spamming sites with useless or irrelevant advertising, E&J’s proprietary software and optimization systems simplifies the process of identifying and aligning the ROI goals of clients and publishers.

“With so much excitement regarding emerging marketing, technology and behavior, it’s important to remember that the end-game of successful marketing is to generate sales. Our systems allow both advertisers and publishers to track and measurE&J Logoe, to the fraction of a cent, what campaigns generate the highest ROI for the advertiser while also commoditizing the precise values of what could be literally tens of thousands of campaigns available to a publisher. This results in publishers running campaigns that actually drive sales from their target audiences, and only running those campaigns that drive the greatest number of sales. Our system drives both the highest ROI possible for advertisers, and the highest revenue for publishers, which is a clear win-win,” says Kaliss

E&J can drive lead generations, sales, coupon redemptions, and even “click to call,” a feature never possible before mobile web, which connects users instantly to a live call center. “Click to call” is just one of the many unique services E & J provides to their extensive network of advertising industry connections. In addition to the newest, most creative lead generation & conversion techniques, E & J’s team of professional advertising and internet media gurus base their campaigns on open communication with clients and detailed, well thought-out & executed planning.

“Understandably, mobile web and application marketing is new to a lot of people, so we make it as easy as possible for advertisers to engage users and make sales. We don’t sell in units of ‘impressions’ or clicks. We sell in units of customers connected to your call enter, and downloading your coupon or promotion”, remarked John Melone, Director of Operations.

By taking the “scary” out of online marketing, and turning clicks into conversions faster than ever, E & J has positioned themselves as an affordable, effective industry leader in cutting-edge sales and marketing strategies. So the next time you hear about the new and exciting possibilities that the mobile web brings – social networks, apps and coupons that can be redeemed by cashiers at your local supermarket by scanning an on-screen barcode – remember that E&J is on the cutting edge of monetizing the digital advertising marketplace.

For more information on E & J New Media, including the latest services and trends in digital advertising, check them out at: www.eandjmedia.com.

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