Entrepreneurship in the City that Never Sleeps

Jay Suites Outdoor Terrace on 34th Street, Midtown Manhattan

Being entrepreneurs often requires us to act quickly. If an important client or investor suddenly comes on your radar, you need to be able to swiftly mobilize your team and pull together your best pitch ever. When you start a small business in New York City, every day presents opportunities that could completely shift your life, income and future.

So what’s the key to success in the city that never sleeps? Stay nimble. Don’t take-on anything cumbersome and will hold you back from a necessary pivot in your business plan.

Office space is one of the biggest things that can weigh you down and keep you from scaling your business appropriately. Leases full of small print and red tape don’t weigh down the entrepreneurs who work at Jay Suites. As businesses grow and take on more staff, they can easily scale up their office space. Or, if an entrepreneur decides to slow down and move into a period of greater research and development, her overhead is low and the business won’t have to sacrifice important tools like beautiful meeting spaces or a receptionist.

Staying nimble is a pillar of success that experts almost unanimously advocate. In a recent article about lean start-ups in Entrepreneur the author explains: “There’s a certain kind of leanness that comes naturally to entrepreneurs. As you become larger, it becomes harder to maintain that.” As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand this challenge from first-hand experience and have crafted Jay Suites as the ideal solution. Our offices and service packages help you stay nimble, pivot when necessary and achieve maximum efficiency.

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