Entrepreneurship is Patriotic

July and August are months where we celebrate America’s independence. While we spend our weekends relaxing, enjoying barbecues and baseballs games, we also know an entrepreneur’s mind is never far away from their business. We at Jay Suites believe that entrepreneurship embodies many American values.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That’s why you set out on your own in business, determined to control your own destiny. People still flock to these shores in search of “the American Dream.” When one thinks of the American dream, it often means owning your business, working for yourself and designing your own life. Individual autonomy is a core American value.


Small businesses fuel a strong economy and ensure a good standard of living. And more important than the proverbial bottom line, small business creates communities. “Mom and Pop” businesses have been the heart and soul of neighborhoods. Now with so many businesses able to work around the world through digital technology, new communities are being formed online. And for entrepreneurs, hubs like the Jay Suites portfolio of flexible office spaces allow entrepreneurs and small businesses to form their own communities. Our offices and conference rooms allow people to craft their space, grow at their own pace and be surrounded by likeminded colleagues.

We also love the many networking events that happen at Jay Suites, whether it’s an informal happy hour or an elegant affair on our outdoor roof deck. When we collaborate with other entrepreneurs, we empower ourselves and our businesses. Here at Jay Suites our mission has always been empowering and nurturing small businesses and more importantly: People’s DREAMS. We make it possible to start your own firm, whether it’s a public relations firm, a law office, a financial company or a nonprofit. We’ve been giving people a shot at their American dream by making them more affordable and making the office space for these important services within reach. We celebrate America’s independence this summer by creating an amazing stage for yours.

About Us

Jay Suites is a hub for New York City entrepreneurs looking to simply work better. We offer flexible, luxury office suites, virtual office plans and on-demand conference rooms, so you can focus on your business and leave the rest to us. All Jay Suites offices are furnished, elegantly designed and come equipped with state-of-the-art technology, resources and support. In addition, members join a growing community with perks such as exclusive access to our members-only meet ups. With locations throughout midtown and downtown New York City, we have crafted an all-inclusive office package so that you can project your companies expenses forward. Whether you’re a lawyer, technology startup, or a fortune 500 company, you can bank with Jay Suites to thrive with our customized office space solutions.

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