How Twitter Can Help your Small Business

twitterlogoTwitter celebrated its 10th birthday recently so in the spirit of this impressive milestone we wanted to remind everyone how incredibly useful this social media tool can be for small businesses. For startups, it can help manage and solidify your brand within its niche market. Plus exploring different ways of advertising can only benefit your company in the long run. It has a unique approach to marketing your business by connecting you to a wider audience, creating brand recognition and establishing your online presence.

Connect with your target audience
You might think that Twitter is just for celebrities to have epic public feuds with one another, but it’s also the ideal marketing solution available today for small businesses. Having a company Twitter account is one of the most costeffective
means of reaching a wider audience. It’s userfriendly and free to use, that’s what makes it so appealing.

If you haven’t been taking advantage of Twitter’s functionalities to promote your brand, you could be losing out on meeting new prospects. It’s not only a great way to check in with your existing clientele, but to introduce you to new ones. Twitter can possibly gain your company a following of customers that would not have been as accessible otherwise. You can filter users by location and find out who is tweeting in your area, following them is just one of the many ways to break the ice.

Twitter’s direct message (or DM) feature also allows you to reach out to users who share
common interests. The goal is to turn your new followers into valuable leads. Start off by
building a relationship on Twitter then take it to the next level by scheduling a meeting
face to face.

Build a following
Building a social media following takes time and commitment to your followers, it’s all about creating and maintaining those relationships. You can use the app to browse the most recent trending topics in your industry and take that information to generate content your followers can learn from and relate to. You want to start a dialogue among your following and engage them in relevant conversation.

If you are curious about what your customers thought of your latest event, why not ask them via Twitter? It can be one of the easiest ways of collecting immediate feedback from your clients. You can also create exclusivity by tweeting special coupon codes and discounts available only to your Twitter followers. By doing this, it gives users a reason to continue to keep you on their radar.

Solidify your brand
Twitter is a great tool for managing your online influence. Tweeting your company’s updates and product promotions can really bring your brand to life by adding some personality. Figure out the right balance between educating your followers versus selling to them. You only have 140 characters so you want to make sure all of your content is easy to digest.

Twitter is an easy choice to market your small business and it keeps you knowledgeable of
current news within your field. It can help by producing networking opportunities, increasing your exposure and strengthening your brand as an industry expert. Twitter has definitely stood the test of time so it will continue to be a great option for small businesses for years to come.

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