Jay Conference Debuts New Bryant Park Location

Jay Conference, the premier provider of office space for business meetings and social gatherings, has announced the debut of its newest, most alluring location in New York City’s Bryant Park. The illustrious office space company, which already boasts three Manhattan locations, has become synonymous with the themed and decor-rich workspaces it offers. Its fourth location, slated to open in January 2023, is by far its most highly anticipated to date.

Similar to the existing Jay Conference locations, this center is located in one of the city’s busiest, robust neighborhoods, projecting an influx of new clientele. The space comprises eight large conference rooms and private lounge/recharge areas totaling 40,000 square feet. Known for its celebrity-themed conference rooms, the reputable brand has taken a spin and named its conference rooms after major cities. Those unable to travel the world in one sitting can now access a first-class experience. Members will be offered the chance to spearhead a meeting in Dubai, present a new product for their team in Rio, or ideate with their stakeholders in the Japan room–and that’s just to name a few. Not only is this new location filled with explosive character, but the space is also decked out with futuristic interior design.

This location is two floors, and each conference room is fully customizable, granting the option to redesign the space and tailor it for an event, conference, or meeting. They also offer onsite catering services and event planning assistance. In addition, this Bryant Park work-haven will have more than a few cozy recharge areas that feature Starbucks coffee and unlimited snacks for attendees. 

The new Jay Conference location reflects the brand’s luxury and first-class nature. Regardless of your industry, there is a purpose for anyone here. Since its 2018 opening, Jay Conference has been in business solely to provide unmatched experiences for its members. This expansion was made to better accommodate the growing numbers of clientele. For professionals looking for a world-class venue in the heart of New York City, Jay Conference Bryant Park awaits. 

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