Jay Suites Office Space : The Benefits of an Open Workspace

Although the initial concept for an open workspace was first developed in the 1950s, it has since evolved to fit the demands of the modern workforce. People today are aiming to work on their own terms, on their own time. When innovation is essential for survival in today’s competitive marketplace, the flow of ideas amongst team members without the barriers of the traditional office cubicle, is vital to its success. Jay Suites executive business centers are redefining the open office environment and culture.

Jay Suites shared office spaces for rent in NYC come complete with amenities including on-demand meeting rooms and professional staff. According to a study conducted by Global Coworking Unconference Conference and Emergent Research, co-working membership increases engagement, motivation and other business objectives. It also accounts for the 89% of coworkers surveyed that reported higher degrees of happiness at work which in turn has a positive impact on their overall productivity. Coworking feeds the entrepreneurial work environment and provides inspiration, innovation and the integration of new strategies or business practices.

Member Meetups
A sense of community goes hand in hand with open workspaces. Jay Suites encourages our members to take advantage of the synergy that our frequent member meetups provide. The result is a community of likeminded professionals collaborating in an evocative open space by sharing common interests and goals. Collaboration can bring new life into old ideas and foster significant B2B relationships. Problem solving becomes a communal effort. Shared office spaces reduce the feelings of isolation working out of home can cause thereby improving workflow and increasing networking opportunities. Jay Suites continues to offer workplace solutions proven to bring results through collaboration and employee engagement. Our budding coworking community is what makes us the leading workplace provider in the trendy open workspace sector.

Would you like to host a member meetup? Email [email protected] for more details!

Communal Spaces
Global Coworking Unconference Conference and Emergent Research’s study also suggests productivity increases when employees are not attached to their desks and have the option to work elsewhere. From enjoying Starbucks Coffee in the pantry to meeting a client in their grand reception areas, Jay Suites offers many different common areas. Our member lounges and mobile hotspots act not only as hubs for people to network but also to flourish and be creative. There are a variety of possible workspaces that suit the needs of your day to day operations.

About Us
Jay Suites is a hub for New York City entrepreneurs looking to simply work better. We offer flexible, luxury office suites, virtual office plans and on-demand conference rooms, so you can focus on your business and leave the rest to us. All Jay Suites offices are furnished, elegantly designed and come equipped with state-of-the-art technology, resources and support. In addition, members join a growing community with perks such as exclusive access to our members-only meet ups. With locations throughout midtown and downtown New York City, we have crafted an all-inclusive office package so that you can project your company’s expenses forward. Whether you’re a lawyer, technology startup, or a fortune 500 company, you can bank with Jay Suites to thrive with our customized office space solutions.

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