Jay Suites Saves You from these Seven Financial Horrors of Hidden Fees

It can seem just like a real estate horror movie sometimes. A nice unsuspecting entrepreneur gets lured into a seemingly great office rental. They deal with a genial rental agent, and are shown an office that seems to be the right fit. The right size, the building has all the tech and telecom equipment; terms and rent being advertised are reasonable; the facilities and amenities are modern and just what they need to run their fledgling business. The victim then moves in, secure in the idea that their budget is in tact and their business has found a good home where it can grow.

Then the monthly BILLS come and financial horrors (and frankly the annoyances) begin! Each of these sneaky extra charges get tacked on for services that are essential and advertised as “part of the facility” and each like a financial slash of a knife on the monthly budget!

At Jay Suites we are upfront about what every last thing will cost. EVERYTHING. We bundle it all together, and offer different tiers of packages, so there are never any “sneaky hidden fees” that will ruin your day, nor your budget. We state our prices UP FRONT so you can make an informed, stress free decision.

1. Copiers and Communal Office Equipment
It seems innocent enough. The copier is there in the office, and everyone is using it-DUH, it’s an OFFICE, right? So you run off some copies and go about your business. Then at the end of the month…GASP! A bill for HUNDREDS of dollars is added to your rent statement!!!!

Not with us. We state our pricing upfront, and depending on the package you choose our receptionist will even provide administrative services and free you up to do more important things for your business than making copies.

2. Meeting Room Use
Other providers boast about their conference and meeting rooms, while dangling them as an enticement. You bring your clients in for contract signings or negotiations, close your deals, and feel great, projecting your potential growth-only to get whacked by yet another HUGE BILL!!

At Jay Suites we include use of our meeting rooms and you can buy out conference room time and we price plans to suit your needs.

3. Furnishings and Renovations
We save you from the headaches and insane mark ups of going through outside furniture rental companies. We have your office completely ready for you the day you move in. The carpeting is down, the walls are freshly painted, and you’re ready to start making your business work that day. You get to avoid the gory financial details of securing permits and sketchy contractors. No unforeseen “construction delays” nor “budget over rides” than can lead to wasted time and money.

4. Telecom and Internet Access
We include Telecom and Internet in your rent so its one less hassle and one less financial hit to take every month. We even set it all up before you move in.

5. Pantry and Kitchen
Who doesn’t need to eat? The difference is at Jay Suites, our members have free use of the pantries and kitchen areas included in their statements. We don’t slash you for having the nerve to use our state-of-the-art kitchens.

6. Utilities
We make setting up your utilities a snap, and we bundle them right into your monthly statements so it is one less headache lurking under the surface every month. No delays, no waiting time or annoying hoops to jump through.

7. Meet Ups and Communal Space
We understand that part of the reason you decided to go with a share office model is then synergy and connections that are possible when around entrepreneurs (so do many of our competitors). The difference is we won’t charge extra for our monthly meet-ups nor for the use of our communal areas. You can hang out and take in the views from our rooftop sky-lounge to your heart’s content. You can even rent it out for private events!

About Us
Jay Suites is a hub for New York City entrepreneurs looking to simply work better. We offer flexible, luxury office suites, virtual office plans and on-demand conference rooms, so you can focus on your business and leave the rest to us. All Jay Suites offices are furnished, elegantly designed and come equipped with state-of-the-art technology, resources and support. In addition, members join a growing community with perks such as exclusive access to our members-only meet ups. With locations throughout midtown and downtown New York City, we have crafted an all-inclusive office package so that you can project your company’s expenses forward. Whether you’re a lawyer, technology startup, or a fortune 500 company, you can bank with Jay Suites to thrive with our customized office space solutions.

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