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Jay Suites’ “Member Spotlight” series highlights the diversity of industries and companies that have made our business centers their headquarters.  The vast array of corporate profiles we support is proof of the highest caliber professional services Jay Suites provides. Our business centers’ sleek decor, ultra-modern technology, and unsurpassed professionalism, allows our members to save time and money and focus on what really matters: their business. Subscribe to our blog for future Member Profiles, and see first-hand the advantages in locating your company in one of Jay Suites’ prestigious business centers.

With over 20 years of experience in the employee benefits industry, founder and CEO of Breier Group Concepts, Inc., Richard Breier is no stranger to creating strategic, individualized solutions that improve his client’s bottom line and overall competitive edge. Breier Group Concepts, Inc. specializes in a full range of insurance options from voluntary benefit programs to disability (AD&D, LTD, STD).  As an industry expert, Breier knows the ins and outs of the business and uses that knowledge to implement ground-breaking solutions designed specifically for your company. “Insurance companies are there to make sure they maximize the premium that they get and our goal in life is to minimize it,” Breier explains.

Director of Marketing Samuel Breier adds, “What we do that is unique is we try and develop competition, a controlled sense of competition for providers to bid on for our client’s business. So when we’re consulting them, we’re working with them to develop not only an effective strategy but one that is also going to be unique for them because we are positioning them in such a way where there is a cross-section of providers and we can leverage them against each other, thus we create a better situation for our clients.”

About 6 years ago Breier found himself in need of immediate office space. What seemed like a daunting task was easily solved when Breier reached out to Jay Suites. Breier recalls, “It was mid-May and I needed space by June 1st and the good folks over here were able to accommodate me and we’ve been here since.”

The Benefits of the Jay Suites Community : Networkingmemberspotlightstreet

Since Breier joined the Jay Suites community he has been able to expand his professional network. “Jay Suites has given us the ability to network, some of our contacts and some of now part of our team of professionals have resulted from people we have met in this space. We sell medical insurance and benefits and that’s the core of what we have done in the past, but from the Jay Suites introduction we now have a full range of property and casualty and risk managements , workers comp, cyber security and all of the various insurances that that entails. It’s all done on a self-funded and fully insured basis and beyond that we also are able to provide funding for firms. There are New York State grant programs that we will write and promote and planning strategic outlook for companies to reduce semi-exposures and liabilities that they may face,” says Breier.


The privacy Jay Suites provides our clients sets us apart from other shared workspaces. Samuel Breier emphasizes that privacy is critical in this line of work, “One of the distinguishing features of Jay Suites versus other incubator type environments, it’s certainly an area of a bit more privacy. We are dealing with protected health information, privacy is essential. Accordingly your standard incubator, which is all open with just straight glass and you can look in, is not really necessarily geared for us.” Each suite is lockable and features frosted glass, ensuring the utmost privacy for you and your business.

Personal Attention

Jay Suites has been very adaptive as Breier’s need for office space changed over time, “Jay Suites has been very accommodating. We’re a mobile office. We expand and contract, 4 out of 8 people or so are in the field at all times and if Sam decided we need office space for all of our people, Jay Suites would be accommodating, I can get it over night. We created our business here, I’m not going anywhere just because of the flexibilities. At this point the next step of this is to potentially meet with others and become more important to them and them with us conversely,” Breier expressed. You can always depend on Jay Suites to provide exceptional customer service and personal attention for all of our members.


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