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Jay Suites’ “Member Spotlight” series highlights the diversity of industries and companies that have made our business centers their headquarters. The vast array of corporate profiles we support is proof of the highest caliber professional services Jay Suites provides. Our business centers’ sleek decor, ultra-modern technology, and unsurpassed professionalism, allows our members to save time and money and focus on what really matters: their business. Subscribe to our blog for future Member Profiles, and see first-hand the advantages in locating your company in one of Jay Suites’ prestigious business centers.

Duco Technology is a leading fintech provider of hosted reconciliation and data management software. The firm focuses on the financial services market but has clients in multiple segments. Founded in London, Duco has since expanded and opened offices in New York and Luxembourg to better meet the need of their global client base. The company’s mission is to provide an efficient, user-friendly platform that allows their clients to easily transform and match complex financial data without requiring expensive IT implementations. According to David Zelinger, Managing Director of Duco’s US business, “Duco offers a cutting edge, SaaS solution in a market previously dominated by large multi-national companies whose systems required expensive infrastructure, lengthy deployment times and heavy IT invest investment. Our solution is live in 24 hours and can deliver results on day 1”.

Though the company was founded just 3 years ago, they are in no short supply of accolades, having won multiple industry awards. While it’s always a lot of work to bring a new product to market, Zelinger is confident that Duco will continue to gain market share and grow their client base, “In just the last year we have gone from me opening the New York office to 9 people in NY and almost 60 globally. Our client base has grown to 40+ tier one banks, hedge funds, asset managers and trading venues, with more growth in the pipeline. We expect to more than double our revenue and headcount in the next year” said Zelinger.

What is the Duco Cube?
Duco Cube uses a proprietary Natural Rules Language and sophisticated user interface that allows non-technical employees to perform complex data transformation and matching tasks. Zelinger explains, “Duco Cube is unique in it’s market as we offer SaaS (Sortware as a Service) based solution. Basically, if you think about traditional software, years ago if you wanted a copy of Microsoft Office you bought a disc, loaded that disc into your computer and installed it. Using Duco Cube is much more like how you use something like Google Sheets, where it’s accessed via the web but behaves like software installed on your desktop. This allows us to do have all of our clients using the same version, which makes it very easy for us to deliver upgrades and enhancements to the system without needing a long testing process.” The efficiency and ease of using Duco Cube is a testament to the company’s commitment to continual improvement.

The Benefits of the Jay Suites Community: Turn-key Office Solution
We at Jay Suites understand that looking for all-inclusive, affordable office space in NYC is a challenge, that’s why we offer multiple packages based on the needs of your business. You don’t have to worry about the additional cost of furniture, internet and phones, we provide all of these business services at a fixed rate. Zelinger recalls, “We started with Jay Suites January after quickly out growing a smaller space. As far as the services go, we appreciated the turn-key nature of Jay Suites. The fact that we had high quality reception, the phones and power. It was much more turn-key, we did some of our own internal decorating, but other than that it was pretty easy to get started and we moved in very quickly. Jay Suites provides us with an environment that is suited for all of our needs, both internal and external. So we’re able to have clients come in and visit and easily arrange for conference space. It’s a much more professional environment as we’re interviewing and growing.”

Don’t Settle.
Zelinger had some advice for the budding entrepreneur. He urges, “Don’t settle. As we went through the process of looking for office space we looked a wide range of prices and environment. After a lot of looking we found that Jay Suites provided the right balance of service, appearance and polish. We really felt that some of the more ‘casual’ shared office spaces wouldn’t project the right image for our firm.”

Duco is a great example of an entrepreneurial company bringing cutting-edge innovation to their market. For more information about Duco Cube and the latest in cloud-based reconciliation solutions, visit Duco Technology.

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