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The most recent Jay Suites exclusive member meetup featured Maya’s Hope, an amazing organization that provides relief to impoverished children across the globe. Maya’s Hope provides funds for education and invaluable emergency medical care for orphaned children with special needs. The president and founder, Maya Rowencak, began working with orphanages in 2008 and started the non-profit in 2010 with a personal mission to provide funding for disadvantaged children living in poverty and improving the quality of their lives.

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

Maya’s passion for helping children in need is undoubtedly admirable, “We save children. We provide for life-saving surgeries, education, and more. We are committed to helping each and every child in our program to reach his or her potential. We currently serve children and orphans in Ukraine and the Philippines,” Maya explains. The foundation has partners in both countries and provides life-changing benefits including medical care, educational support and vocational training. These initiatives empower them by instilling confidence, perseverance, and comradery.

Maya’s Hope was one of the first members at our 34th Street location, Maya recalls, “I moved into Jay Suites in 2014. Jay Suites has a lot to offer. The staff is tremendous and always helpful. There are communal areas where I can escape to do work. The staff at Jay Suites is what keeps me here. Jay Suites was our very first home, and we have grown since we moved in. We always have volunteers coming in and out. I firmly believe that volunteers come back because they like the ambiance of Jay Suites and of course the love of Maya’s Hope!”

Biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?
Finding quality workforce is a challenge every entrepreneur must face at one point in their career. Maya’s experience with the vetting process is no different and has created quite the conundrum. Maya explains her biggest challenge as an entrepreneur, “Hiring. Running a charity, it’s all a catch 22. You have to keep your overhead low, but you have to raise money to hire people. If we hire people, it affects our administrative costs. People generally like to give towards programs, not salaries. So it’s a huge challenge. We rely on volunteers to help grow our programs.”

Never give up.

When it comes to advice for her fellow entrepreneurs, Maya stresses, “It sounds cliche, but never give up. No matter how hard you work, keep at it. The reason why I keep working hard is because we save lives. The children we serve depend on the day to day work that I do and the volunteers do. Lastly, nothing in life is easy. But the rewards are totally worth it!” Maya’s Hope is a great example of an entrepreneurial business combining compassion with philanthropy in order to positively change the lives of children in need around the world.

For more information on how to volunteer for Maya’s Hope or sponsor a child, please visit Maya’s Hope

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