New Yorkers Flock to Office Spaces Post COVID-19

After years spent working from home and living in times of social uncertainty, we have finally reached an era of normalcy. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of office life while sparking debates about the potential longevity of working from home. Though many establishments temporarily closed their doors and opened their laptops to a new professional lifestyle online, those days are seemingly coming to an end. 

Conference rooms became Zoom calls for a short period, and meetings transformed to work management software tools such as and Slack. Though digital and remote cultures are still thriving, many people came out of the pandemic period with the urge to feel human again. The practice of networking, rubbing shoulders with colleagues, and simply having conversations with coworkers was deeply missed. But now, happily, New Yorkers are back! 

Jay Suites, New York City’s premier office space solution, is granting the opportunity for people to smoothly transition back into an in-office routine. Holding true to its slogan, this thriving company is “where offices work better” for many reasons. For starters, all of their locations are in famed New York City zip codes. Their Wall Street, Times Square, and Grand Central locations, to name a few, are all in elite Manhattan neighborhoods. Renting an office in the heart of the Big Apple will not only set your business apart but also elevate your brand’s reputation. 

One of the feared cons of office life, whether pre or post-pandemic, is that most of the time, offices lack inspiration. The old-school design of coworking and office spaces consists of plain white walls and no added elements that will spark enthusiasm. Fortunately, Jay Suites reinvents the office space aesthetic. 

When you journey through any of their spaces, you are guaranteed to be faced with inspiration. Their celebrity-themed conference rooms were influenced by the rich and famous. Interestingly, their Madonna Room, Marilyn Monroe Room, and Beetles Room are filled with images of the late great Hollywood stars. Aside from the beloved celebrity inspiration, it’s not hard to find elements of expressiveness as they have quirky pieces of art throughout their spaces, such as Fifth Avenue’s Mickey Mouse figure or their Popeye the Sailorman piece at their Madison Ave location. 

Jay Suites was built on character, and spending a moment in one of their spaces will remind you that being a professional doesn’t mean having to always present yourself to be buttoned up. These decked-out locations teach that productivity and creativity truly go hand in hand.  

Another sure-fire way to enjoy returning to the office is working under the sun. Jay Suites has 3 rooftop spaces that allow members and non-members to rent the space for an event, conference, company off-site, etc. However, members have access to the rooftop throughout the day, whenever they please, making this amenity space a feature that seals the deal. 

Their most recent Grand Central rooftop space is the company’s first on the East Side of New York. Amazingly, this location accommodates 150 people and comes outfitted with a state-of-the-art sound system, projector, and conference tables. Hosting an event on a rooftop, or even holding a meeting, is the perfect way to celebrate your profession in style. 

With the pandemic behind us, New Yorkers now have the liberty to lease an office space, obtain a virtual office, or throw company events in the heart of NYC and Brooklyn. There’s space at Jay Suites for every entrepreneur, business owner, startup or established company. If you’re looking to work amongst some of New York City’s most respected, talented, and high-paid individuals, consider Jay Suites. It’s a new day in New York City! Hope has finally come to pass, and time is on our side.

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