Physical offices are here to stay!

Amidst the current global crisis, physical office spaces may be more important now than ever. After months of working remotely, employees and clients are longing for the motivation, human connection, creativity, and separation that the workplace brings to their lives. Businesses should carefully consider the advantages of physical space in order to set a guide and expectation for the company’s future.

Ensuring a Happy and Healthy Team

It is no secret that today’s modern technology has made it greatly possible for companies to continue operations remotely. Working from home was a major perk for a lot of people at the start of this global pandemic; however, this is posing as more and more of a problem for employees who have been stuck doing this for months. With staff working remotely, there is limited communication between all team members and a lack of comradery overall. Working together in an office space not only encourages this team building, but it defines corporate culture, enables mentoring and employee monitoring, allows for spontaneous idea sharing, and fosters social skills that are required in business. It is very difficult for employees to separate their work life from home life, especially with the addition of child care, and not all work-from-home arrangements are built for longevity. Alison Green from Slate mentions in her article “Working From Home Is Making a Lot of People Miserable” that maximized productivity and creativity can be achieved with safe human connection and a physical environment that encourages employees to achieve their goals. Even with a hybrid model, a few days working remotely and a few days in the office, that in-person element will prove to be beneficial and necessary.

Making a Strong Client Impression

For businesses that rely on strong employee-client relationships, it is crucial to consider how you are presenting your company and how this influence’s your client’s perception of your business. This can be directly tied to meetings with potential clients. Without a physical office space, communication is limited to emails, phone calls, and video calls between you and your clients. Coffee meetings may also be a possibility, although in that case you are greatly unable to control the environment you choose to meet in. With a physical office space at Jay Suites, you have access to high-end conference rooms, common areas, and amenities that not only impress your clients, but ensure the safety and regulation of the space in a time where COVID-19 is a prominent concern. This allows you to have confidence in meeting with visitors while representing your company to the greatest standard of quality.

Adapting to COVID-19 Regulations

Extensive open floor plans first boomed in the 1990s as a way to increase collaboration and creativity in companies. Today though, this has become more about cramming a lot of people into an expensive office space, creating a big problem given the current global crisis. Companies have now started to decentralize their workforce, spreading their employees across multiple locations, and taking advantage of flexible companies such as Jay Suites. Typically, de-densifying employees takes considerable time and money, that of which these companies can’t afford; however, Jay Suites provides high end quality spaces, luxury amenities, security, mail handling, and the sanitization of all spaces to comply with CDC guidelines. This greatly saves your company time and money, especially when you have the ability to move in to your office the day after signing your contract.

In order to adapt to the current climate, businesses need to take advantage of secure spaces that allow for productive team engagement, maximized productivity, strong client relationships, and ease. Having the ability to fully customize this situation, from floor plans to leases, companies can flourish and make the most of a tough climate.

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