Planning Ahead for 2016

Revise, revise, revise your business plan
The New Year ushers in a wondrous sense of opportunity and possibilities for your company while reminding you of the harsh reality that your business plan of yesteryear is now obsolete.  It is the perfect time of year to create a new plan of action with self-imposed deadlines and renewed ambition. Business development for 2016 means refreshing strategies and actively replacing previous methods that failed to drive you forward.  To fully quantify your success, create and follow through with weekly/monthly attainable goals. By the beginning of 2017, you will have a clear understanding of how successful you were in attaining said business goals and how to better prepare for the future.

Not getting enough hits on your email blasts? Are subscribers opting out of your emails faster than you would like? Then it’s definitely time to revise your email lists for the upcoming year.  Make sure you are marketing to people who want to hear from you. You do not want to tune your customer base out, you want them to be engaged and stay informed. In addition to your subscribers, reassess your current methods of marketing.  What has worked for you in the past? Avoid what has not generated the results you wanted. Narrow your focus and effort to the right channel for maximum production. Having a clear defined marketing plan will ensure you are reaching your target audience.

Procedures and practices
Did your team accomplish what they set out to at the beginning of the year? Have you set new goals? How can performance improve overall? Brainstorm with the appropriate departments and update your procedures if necessary. Communication is key to making sure your company’s procedures are efficient and profitable. What works for your company one year, may not satisfy it the next. Keep your business practices fresh or up-to-date, there is always room for improvement.
In closing, there are always immediate circumstances that grab your attention, but don’t let your day to day affect your year to year. Truth is, your business should always be planning ahead.  New Year. New ideas. New results.

On behalf of all of us at Jay Suites, we wish you happy holidays and a very productive happy New Year!

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