21st Century IT Infrastructure

Security is arguablyJay Suites Internet the most pressing concern to modern businesses. The media is rife with horror stories of hacking, identity theft, and disgruntled employees leaking sensitive information – it’s enough to make any business owner or manager stay awake at night trying to minimize the damage and prevent future breaches. But is that really the best long-term solution for your organization?

Of course it isn’t. Managers are expected to manage, and owners are expected to oversee – so who is expected to protect your company’s most sensitive data and online resources? Not every organization with sensitive online data can afford an army of on-call IT gurus to handle a crisis at a moments’ notice, nor can any organization really afford the chaos and lost revenue of security issues, no matter how financially stable.

The answer then is prevention: a stable, secure front-end firewall system, operating in conjunction with other threat-minimizing IT procedures, should be in place onsite before any organizational work begins.

This is (thankfully!) a lesson that we did not have to learn the hard way at Jay Suites. Before placing furniture in our offices and adding the finishing touches to a build-out, our front-end IT systems and Executive Suites Officessecurity measures are firmly established and fully operational. Our work doesn’t end once we have locked in the security of a location’s data services, however. Each of our suites is wired so that its data connections are not only secure, but also distinct from those of their neighbors. This provides each suite with its own private data network, to easily facilitate file and hardware sharing as desires, and keep out any unwanted intrusions.

But we didn’t stop there. We understand how critical data services are to the modern business, which is why every single one of our office spaces features a high capacity UPS… “What is a UPS?” most of you are asking – the simple answer is, when and if the electricity were to go out, any computers and VoIP phones plugged into these data ports will remain on (and online!) without electricity for long enough to facilitate a gradual shut down of business operations – no lost data, no dropped calls, no feeling in the pit of your stomach that you may not have saved that document you were working on (and, if you’re curious, UPS stands for “Uninterruptible Power Supply”).

Jay Suites’ managers undergo months of intensive training on the firm’s IT systems and security protocols before being “cut loose” from training. “Each person has a unique learning curve, which we understand and accommodate – but we’re still meticulous in testing the abilities of our management staff for IT & data issues before they are able to handle a center on their own,” explains Jay Suites’ C.E.O. Jack Srour. “Our tenants understand this commitment to quality and appreciate that there 30 Broad Streetis someone onsite to offer assistance and IT support during the business day, without the expense and lost time of having to get external consultants.”

What more could a business want? How about totally secure, lightning-fast wireless broadband internet connectivity from anywhere in any of our business centers? Check! And just in case you have any concerns about lagging speed or service outages, all of Jay Suites’ locations feature dual internet backups for both wired and wireless services on different data providers. What does this mean to you and your business? It means that we’ll see New Jersey become the sixth borough of NYC before Jay Suites loses internet in any of our business centers. Those are the kind of odds any business should want on their side!

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