5 Resolutions You Should Adopt For Your Small Business

  1. Re-evaluate your brand’s image

How your brand is perceived is a powerful factor in your success. What does your business’ brand invoke? Who are you reaching? Is it in keeping with your core beliefs and your company’s mission statement? Are goals more within reach or less as a result? The New Year brings an opportunity to start fresh and review who your base is, and how you’re reaching them. A new logo, tone, branding, or PR campaign may re-energize your company’s sales effort and will give consumers a fresh look at your business.

  1. Scale

Growth is no accident. It is the result of careful planning, hard work, and calculated risk taking. The start of the year is the perfect time to prepare your company for the next step in its fiscal growth. At Jay Suites we can be vested partners in your growth by providing more space, and more resources as your business grows. Take advantage of our meeting rooms, and flexible all-inclusive packages of office space in order to make the leap, whether its hiring more employees, adding a satellite office or new locations.

  1. Recommit

People often commit to going back to the gym, or eating right. Let the New Year be a time to reaffirm your devotion to your company’s success. Remember why you go to work every day, and what you love about your business. Let it re-energize you for the work ahead. Remember: Motivation + Commitment = Success.

  1. Re-evaluate Expenses

Let the old cliché: “Its not how much you make, it’s how much you’re spending.” guide your strategy. Look at ways to trim down hidden expenditures that drain your bottom line. Think of it in terms of the diet half of your fitness regimen. You can exercise all day but if you eat junk food in large amounts, your efforts are largely wasted. Costs of things like office supplies, utilities, social media, advertising, and extended warranties can vary greatly so it’s a good idea to price shop what you really need, and let the rest go.

  1. Get Organized

The best way to make the most of the year ahead is to implement organizational improvements to systems at work like payroll, office layout, storage, and workflow.

Simplicity breeds serenity, and feeds productivity.

Ask yourself:

Where is the best place for a given item?

Is it easy to get to the tools you need?

Has workflow improved?

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