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With over 500k followers, Bosnian born sisters Amra and Elma Beganovich have proven themselves to be major trendsetters in the fashion world. A quick look at their Instagram page will show there’s no doubt the sisters have made their mark on social media, a tool that brands rely heavily on nowadays to make their business thrive. Their website and Instagram document their adventures as they strike a pose on the streets of New York City and around the world. Their posts give a keyhole look into their inspirationally glamorous lives, with each photo telling a story and reaffirming their passion for women bringing out the best version of themselves.

What began as a simple blog in 2013, Club Fashionista was rebranded as their namesake, Amra and Elma just 3 years later. Their website, explores beauty secrets, fashion, interior design, food, fitness and their travels across the globe (their latest being the Amalfi Coast…swoon). Against the advice of their friends and family they left their careers as a lawyer and economist for the digital marketing world and never looked back. Of course, taking the plunge isn’t so easy as many entrepreneurs discover sooner or later. Elma recalls, “The first and biggest challenge is the ability to believe in yourself before anyone else starts to believe in you (and your product). Coming from a traditional legal background (yes, I am a barred attorney), my law school friends used to say ‘you take photos of yourself and post them on the Internet,’ and even my own father said that my time was worth ‘0.’ This was all until our digital marketing efforts took off, and we were hired by the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Uber, Avon, and HTC, and covered by major media outlets like Forbes, Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal.” By generating content their audience could relate to, they discovered the psychology behind social media and successfully mastered the engagement of their ever-expanding audience.

The sisters specialize in making brands go viral, Elma explains, “We have founded the only influencer-run digital marketing agency. We are a rare agency that has taken-up both the production side of photo shoots, and managing and growing various social media platform for our clients. And through strategic planning, we can take a virtually unknown brand and make it explode on social media. Also, we host influencer events; thus, we are able to quickly aggregate over 10,000 million eyeballs, and over the course of one evening, on our client’s products.” Brands struggling with their social media presence turn to these aptly named “insta-gurus” in order to improve their content and extend their reach.

Residing in one of the major fashion capitals of the world, Elma describes the convenience Jay Suites’ prime locations provide, “We have had offices in Jay Suites since the summer of 2016, and I would say that the most valuable amenities are the spacious conference rooms, and the amazing location (close to Times Square and Bryant Park). We were originally located near the Columbus Circle; so, it was more uptown. Since moving to Jay Suites, we are now closer to most of our clients and partners in midtown; thus, it makes it very convenient to call and host meetings.” With locations throughout midtown and downtown New York City and situated just minutes away from all major transit hubs, commutes are a breeze.

When asked what guidance they could share with other budding entrepreneurs, Elma provided invaluable advice, “I would say that being brave and having the courage to walk on the least treaded path, is one of the necessary components of starting your own company. One cannot be afraid or concerned with the opinions of others; in fact, most will discredit your ideas, feed you with doubt, and some will outright laugh your ideas off. Thus, do not be afraid of carving out your own path. By the time others will want to board your ship, you will already have sailed halfway across the Atlantic.”

It’s not easy to step out on your own and create something new, but the entrepreneurial spirit resides within you, all you have to do is tap into it. Building a brand takes time but Amra and Elma have become major influencers in the game and turned their dream into a reality. On their journey the sisters have perfected their craft and they continue to travel the world in style…

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