2nd Floor Conference Room Upgrades Completed

meeting room in new york city
A design statement: the Axis table
Jay Suites Grand Central is certainly kicking off 2012 on a good note.  Following extensive work on the building’s façade and lobby, management has already completed another significant undertaking: upgrading of the 2nd floor conference room, incorporating new furniture and technology.  Needless to say, the upgrades transformed the high-end meeting area into a true fashion and technology statement.

At the forefront of the project was the replacement of the central conference table with the brand new Axis conference table.  Comfortably seating ten attendees, the table is comprised of a ¾-inch thick, quality glass top situated on four steel leg plates.  Comprising the base, these I-beams panels boast pure steel, a particularly heavy material designed for exceptional durability.  A hand-drawn “scratch” pattern on both the glass and base resists thumbprint and scratches while facilitating cleaning.  With an eye-catching blue-gray glass shade, the table’s modern, sleek look is a true artistic masterpiece.

Another addition is a console table, which hosts use for refreshments, samples, promotional items, or other side materials.  Separating these from the main table minimizes distractions and promotes focus on the most important aspects of the meeting.  The new carpeting, with colors matching the Axis table’s design, contributes to the refreshing atmosphere.

meeting room console table
The new console table
Still, the Jay Suites promise rests on form and function, and this project was no different.  Accordingly, the technology available is simply unparalleled.  A smartboard equipped with an electronic pen allows for dynamic content creation during a presentation or brainstorming session; this content can then be printed or e-mailed for follow-up after the meeting.  Other collaboration-enabling gadgets include the teleconferencing Polycom HD phone, a highly sensitive model capable of capturing sound stimulus from any corner of the room.  Coupled with a professional-quality surround sound system, this meeting room answers every need.  Indeed, the technology offers an exceptional experience for media, entertainment, technology, accounting and law firms alike.

“Although the room was in great condition and clients were satisfied, we wanted to give it some attention nonetheless,” says Jay Suites President Juda Srour.  As the oldest among the firm’s locations portfolio, the 2nd floor meeting room holds a legacy and is one of the most frequently booked rooms.  Given these new renovations, that popularity among the firm’s tenants is certain to continue, if not skyrocket.  After all, who isn’t energized by new design and technology?

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