New Lobby Unveiled at Jay Suites Grand Central

Grand Central office space center, building exterior
The new signage bears the building's official name

February 28, 2012 – Whether you’ve been at our Grand Central center for a while, took a tour as a prospective tenant, work for another company in the building, or merely passed by Lexington Avenue and 41st Street, you’ve certainly spotted the construction workers toiling around the building over the past several months.  And if you’ve been around this month, you certainly couldn’t miss the result of their hard work: a brand new entrance hall that exhibits a modern take on the building’s timeless design elements.

On the building’s exterior, a brand new signage was installed, including stainless steel lettering of “369 Lexington” – the building’s official name.  Embossed and backlit with LED lights, the signage shines bright during the nighttime.  The building’s façade, as well as its front-facing columns, was covered in clear, white-etched glass, imparting a modern look and a contrast that enliven the signage.

elevator bank at office rental center in New York
A must experience: the new elevator bank

Inside the building, the overhaul is ever more apparent.  Blue panels were added to all lobby walls; lit from within, these semi-transparent glass panels have instantly lit up the area and often inspire awe-stricken tourists to sneak into the lobby and snap pictures.  The lobby’s classic terrazzo flooring was updated with a new rocks design and a matching color palette of white, light blue, and gray.  These light colors reflect and multiply the lights from within the walls, creating a bright, welcoming space.

A new lobby desk, housed between two columns and attended by a doorman, incorporates the lobby colors and completes the picture – until you see the elevators.  You truly have to step inside the bank to appreciate its beauty.  With black absolute marble floors and a half-carved, half-embossed stainless steel cage, the elevators are a truly jaw-dropping masterpiece.

Renovated lobby at Jay Suites office rental center
Picture-perfect: the new lobby desk

In addition to the striking design, Jay Suites invested in impressive technological enhancements.  These include an electronic directory of the building’s tenants, which replaces the previous board consisting of lighted-strips.  The brand-new, digital directory stores information on all of the building’s major tenants, including images, names, and suite numbers.  Another high-tech touch is the addition of a 60-inch TV screen that displays this information in the lobby, ensuring visitors easy and prompt access to their hosts.

Despite the project’s length and complexity, the results are nothing short of impressive and have boosted employee morale. “I love the new lobby!” says Ariel Antoine, a receptionist at Jay Suites Grand Central.  “The attention to detail was well thought out, and the building sign is beautiful. Everything is clean and the front-desk attendants are welcoming.”

If you’ve never been to the Grand Central center – or if you haven’t been here in a while – it’s time to stop by, if only to please your eyes with a unique mix of old-and-new architecture.

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