We’re Coming to an Office Near You!

Growth is always a positive thing – especially in a down market like New York’s office space over the past few years. Since launching in 2006, Jay Suites has grown from 30 to over 140 offices, and is now seeking a new location to expand even further.

When Jay Suites President Juda Srour opened the first Jay Suites center in the Financial District, he had growth ambitions – but he certainly did not expect that in just a few years, the firm will grow to a fledgling company with a dozen employees. “Our growth has been immense, which to me indicates that we must be on to something,” he says.  One of the company’s greatest strengths lies in the fact that as a family-owned business, Jay Suites is apt to listen to its clients and fashion its business model accordingly. This unique capability has been preserved throughout the years and despite its growth.

Midtown NYC Office Space Center
The new center will be in the Midtown West neighborhood

These days, Jay Suites is looking to open a new center in Manhattan. “We’re looking in the Midtown West neighborhood, to make the Jay Suites concept more accessible in that area of the city,” explains Jack Srour, the company’s CEO. “We’d like to expand our offerings to over 200 offices, so the new center will represent a substantial portion of our portfolio.” As always, Jay Suites will be putting their dedicated team to make the new center their best one yet.  Stay tuned as we’ll announce more details soon! Until then, check out our website to see what’s involved in transforming a raw office space floor into the beautiful Jay Suites business centers that are the epitome of our obsession.

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