Jay Suites Is Spreading Sweets

We hand-delivered free cupcakes to our office space center tenants.
Jay Suites tenants were truly in for a treat!

What better way to show we care than with free cupcakes! On April 20th, cupcakes were hand-delivered to every office by our receptionists. It was our way to celebrate Tenant Appreciation Month and say farewell to frosty weather with the type of frosting we all enjoy! Everyone munched on the scrumptious baked goods from Baked by Melissa Bakery. The flavors offered were all delightfully decadent, like triple chocolate fudge and red velvet. Word had it that extra trips were made to the relaxing break room that day for a chance to snatch up any leftovers (naturally, there weren’t many!).

At Jay Suites, we enjoy giving back, and the tradition will continue this summer. We’re currently working on future celebrations to honor our wonderful tenants, so stay tuned for more details on upcoming summer festivities – or better yet, e-mail us with your ideas! (hint: ice cold lemonade on an extra-hot-and-humid July Friday, anyone?)

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