5 Ways to Use Flexible Meeting Room Space

Creativity isn’t just for artists.  Any small business owner needs creative solutions, especially when it comes to marketing and growing your network. Here are 5 creative ways that flexible meeting room space can help grow your small business.

One of our state-of-the-art Manhattan conference room rentals

1)   Start a networking group. There are many networking groups in New York, but by starting your own, you can cherry pick the members and set the rules. Don’t like the cramped back room of the TGI Fridays where your current networking group usually meets? Frustrated that the plumber in the group is the only one getting referrals. Craft a networking group that truly serves your industry, stocked with likeminded professionals who are ready to be real referral partners. And make a statement about your serious intentions by hosting the group in our professional meeting rooms, which can be rented by the hour in Manhattan’s most important business districts.

2)   Broadcast a small business panel. With easy and free technology like Google Hangouts, it’s easier than ever to bring your message to the masses. Rent one of our conference rooms that comes with our video conferencing technology and broadcast a sophisticated webinar, Q&A session, or roundtable discussion. Expand your reach and reputation.

3)   Host a team retreat. Sometimes getting out of the office is the best thing you can possibly do. Maybe you’re starting a new project, bringing together a special team, or need a big brainstorming sessions with your colleagues. Get out of your regular environment and rent a flexible conference room space for the day and see what kind of creativity a new environment can inspire.

4)   Make a monthly co-working date. Sure, freelancers who work at home get to stay in their pajamas all day, but it can also get lonely without colleagues. Use our flexible conference space to book a monthly co-working date for a group of freelancers. Everyone can bring their laptops to get work done, but also to collaborate, bounce ideas off one another, and enjoy the really great parts of working in an office community.

5)   Teach a workshop. Add to your revenue stream by sharing your skills in a workshop. Rent one of our conference room spaces and teach a one-day workshop on money management, content marketing, legal advice for entrepreneurs. If you know how to do something, chances are there are people eager to learn from you. Teaching a monthly workshop can add thousands of dollars to your monthly revenue stream.

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