5 Ways to Save Money with Flexible Office Space

Its back to business, the first quarter of 2015 has commenced, and after the holidays, small business owners are taking a close look at their finances, not to mention their credit card bills. We’ve compiled a list of 5 ways you can save money or make money by leveraging our innovative office space solutions.

1)   Rent conference rooms as needed. In NYC, every square foot of space means money and conference rooms take up quite a bit. Maximize your investment by using your existing office space for your employees and instead of paying for mostly dormant meeting rooms, rent conference rooms by the hour and one of our Manhattan locations, all conveniently located near major transportation hubs.

2)   Hold video conferences withlong-distance clients. You live and work in New York, but your best client might be in San Diego or even Seoul. Our conference room rentals come with video conferencing ready technology, which means you can bring your team and services to the entire world and massively expand your client base.

3)   Shed that expensive lease. Maybe you’re ready to add staff to your business, but there isn’t room in your current office and you know that getting out of the current lease and getting in to a new one is a headache you don’t even want to consider. Your landlord should never get in the way of you scaling your business in whichever direction it needs to go, which is why our leases are so small-business friendly. Your contract with us is as little as six month, you don’t have to worry about buying furniture or calling in that expensive technology services guy when you need to add a new computer. Our offices are turn-key solutions that serve you, not the other way around.

4)   Work from home. Maybe your small business really can be run out of your spare bedroom in the quiet, peaceful suburbs. In fact, maybe you’re entire team could telecommute if there was a place where you could all meet regularly in the city. Shed your office all together and use our flexible conference room space to bring your team together for meetings on a need-be basis. Our spaces are stocked and ready to be used whenever you need them and include a receptionist, all the necessary technology and even catering.

5) Don’t go to Akron, have clients fly in instead. Who doesn’t love the opportunity to visit New York City, take in a Broadway show, visit to MoMA, or have dinner at DelPosto? (The answer is nobody. New York is the center of the world!) Save money on traveling and invite your clients to come to New York where you’ll entertain them in our beautiful state-of-the-art conference room. You’ll make a big impression on your clients while also saving big on airfare and hotel, not to mention precious time away from home and your business.

Like these ideas? We’d love hear your thoughts and other ways that flexible office space solutions might serve your small business. Leave a comment below.

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