Virtual Office 2.0 Unveiled

executive virtual plan, mailing address nycWith a release date set in March 2013, Jay Suites is on track to re-invent the virtual office. Welcome to Virtual Office 2.0.

A Virtual Office…the term can seem confusing, is it an office in a virtual reality game? Is it an office where you virtually don’t have to do any work? Not exactly!

Imagine this scene: “You have a potential client who calls in to your well-appointed office space in a prime New York City location and your assistant answers the phone in a pleasant and professional voice with your company name. The client asks to speak with you and your assistant transfers them over after screening them and you pick up the phone to conduct business…in your pajamas, at your kitchen table in Hoboken, New Jersey. You then arrange a meeting with the client and let your assistant know the date and time. The client meets you at said well-appointed office space and you give them a fantastic presentation on the state of the art equipment inside your beautiful modern conference room. After the meeting you treat them to a nice catered lunch which your assistant had ordered in advance for you and voilà…you have landed a new account.

“What is even better is that you know the profits from your new account don’t have to be cut into by the cost of office overhead or even a regular commute for yourself. You can enjoy all the benefits of an office without renting an actual space except when you need it. A virtual office provides you with amenities like a staffed reception, conference room time with the latest technologies, call answering, office equipment, mail handling, etc., and all at a fraction of the cost of a monthly office rental.

“You don’t have to work in Hoboken to enjoy your New York address either. Instead you can be anywhere from Hartford to Hollywood and establish a New York presence using your virtual office address.” Jay Suites offers a range of Virtual Plans to suit different needs and budgets and provides an impeccable service to all kinds of businesses, from one-person startups to large corporations like the esteemed NY Daily News and the Marriott hotel chain. Their plans will now start from as low as $75 per month for their Bronze package, which provides a choice of five, premier New York City mailing addresses for their clients; with one in the heart of the Financial District, two in Midtown West at Times Square and Penn Station, and two in Midtown East at Grand Central and Fifth Avenue.”

The idea behind the launch of a new generation of virtual offices was to provide every type of business with a plan that fits their needs in a custom-tailored fashion. “Every once in a while, we’d find ourselves changing our plans to accommodate a customers needs, when it hit us that it was time to redesign our virtual office program, and that is when we decided to launch Virtual Office 2.0,” said COO Jack Srour.

Their newly crafted plans add two new plans to their existing lineup: the bronze and diamond plans. The bronze Virtual Office gives companies simply a mailing address – the most basic Manhattan identity. Jay Suites has also added a Diamond package, which serves as the ultimate Virtual Office, including a bit of just everything a business can require. “From time to time, clients approached me with a proposition – what if we wanted to use a day office? How much would it cost? Instead of now calculating everything and making the process complicated and cumbersome, the Diamond plan would include basically everything a client could be looking for” said Louis Latora, a manager of Jay Suites Grand Central.

To add more excitement to the virtual office lineup, Jay Suites is introducing “Virtual Pass,” a membership system that would allow users setup in one location to book meeting rooms, day offices and use the business center amenities at all five locations throughout Manhattan which include a lounge and hotspot area. This would allow clients an added flexibility to book meeting rooms wherever they choose in the Big Apple. Virtual Pass will come bundled into their Diamond plan and can also be added as a “a la carte” item to existing packages. Furthermore, members of the “Virtual Pass” program get exclusive benefits such as free copies and scans.

It is no surprise that Jay Suites is reinventing the Virtual Office. After all, Jay Suites was the first company in the city to invent a client portal, which allows clients to reserve their own conference room bookings, request catering, enter a request to the staff and sign up for a virtual office. Instead of using the traditional pen and paper method of booking the meeting rooms, everything is seamlessly booked by clients and the staff through their proprietary client portal.

A virtual office is incredibly easy to sign up for on the Jay Suites website at and can be up and running within minutes. In addition, they can be very flexible; Virtual Office plans can be established on a month-to-month basis, on a six-month basis and on a twelve-month basis, with each of them offering perks and discounts.

Any company looking to establish a footprint in Manhattan without the expense of a full-time office or staff, may want to consider a Jay Suites NYC Virtual Office Space. Their offerings are all online and one may easily hop on (maybe in your pajamas from your kitchen table in Hoboken or Hollywood) and sign up!

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