The Upside to a Small Business Challenge

nyc rental officeOne of the main challenges can be that employees and owners alike will be taking time off which can impact the staffing of a small business greatly as they are usually already operating with a small staff. The staff that does stay around can be distracted or overwhelmed with extra family and other commitments that crop up now. Clients and customers can be harder to obtain or reach as they also travel and take time off. How can this particular challenge be faced and even seen as an opportunity for a business?

This time of year can be seen as a season for strengthening your relationships in ways that are not always possible throughout the year. Anoshka Bayat of Buttonwood Business Solutions, located in Jay Suites Financial District, makes a great point. She believes “the success of a business is due in large part to relationships. Client relationships, employee/employer, respect and understanding are so important. This is the time when I make sure to socialize and show my appreciation for my clients in any way I can.”

During this time of year, although business does slow down for her and profits decrease monetarily, there is some upside as it is a great time of year to create, build and solidify those relationships with other people that can benefit your business when things pick up at the beginning of the New Year. Businesses can take the opportunity now to network with, entertain and gift those who have been loyal clients or service providers, or potential new clients. You may also find that the office or any work environment can become more intimate at this time of year and people can open up to each other and communicate more freely. This is a great opportunity for employers to promote employee relationships, using the traditional modes of the Holiday Party, Kris Kringle, etc.,

As you build your relationships during the holiday you can make it a priority to also:

1) Get your financial books in order.

2) Determine your position.

3) Plan for the coming year.

When the New Year rolls around, all this will pay off as the first quarter for clients begins. They will look toward that business that they have the best relationships with to keep providing services for them for another year, and you will have your financial outlook well-planned out so you know exactly where you stand as you head into the first quarter of 2013. Happy Holidays!

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