Spring Cleaning for Small Businesses

It’s been a long, tough winter in New York City, which, makes spring feel like a million bucks. Every New Yorker knows that feeling when the tulips and daffodils make their appearance in Central Park, everyone sheds their down jackets and the restaurants put tables back out on the sidewalks. That feeling of infinite possibility that New York is so famous for, is best felt during the spring.

So what does spring mean for your business? For us, it’s a chance to help you refresh your office space.

Is your lease keeping you tied to a space you don’t love? Are you stuck with an office that you’ve outgrown or with more space than you actually need? This is a big problem facing New York City small businesses and Jay Suites has the solution. Shed your lease and move into a flexible office space allowing you the ability to downsize or scale-up.

Do you commute in from the suburbs? Imagine getting off the train at Grand Central or Penn Station and simply walking in the spring sunshine to and from your office? Our office space rentals are available right near both major transportation hubs so that you can avoid having to get on the subway. That alone equals a savings of up to $1,300 a year!

Say bye bye to cheap Ikea furniture. Sure, it seemed like a good idea when you first got started, but now you’re using a black Sharpie to fill in the nicks and hide the exposed particleboard. If you regularly meet with current and prospective clients, you need a state-of-the-art meeting space decked out with well-designed furniture. Rent one of our spaces and you’ve got everything you need while only needing to pay for the time you use it.

Set your springtime goals. Even though January 1st is the official start of the year, it’s often not until spring arrives that teams are truly ready to implement new projects. Rent one of our flexible meeting rooms for a day and have a team retreat where you’ll set goals for the next six months and create a plan of action.

Don’t be lonely. Are you a freelancer who is lonely from a long winter working in your home office? Join other entrepreneurs and freelancers that rent space at Jay Suites. Join and host a community meetup. Our community of thriving small businesses will inspire you and grow your network. You may even find your next client within our community.

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