What Branding Means for Small Business

Branding is about recognition. Most people know these rings represent the Olympic Games.

Here’s an example of good branding at work: When you hear the word Google, what are your immediate associations? Speed. Simplicity. Getting everything that you want in an instant. On it’s own, “google” is a nonsense word, but we don’t hear the syllables, we hear their message because everything Google puts out in the marketplace gives you everything you want with speed and simplicity. Their brand speaks so clearly that they turned an otherwise silly name into a verb widely used and recognized around the globe.

Here’s how to start defining your brand:

What are your best skills? Don’t think about what you studied in school or did well at a prior job. What do you know more about than most everyone else? For us, it’s New York City real estate and that’s why the Jay Suites brand and New York City fit so well together.

What are your customer’s needs? Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about your customers and clients. What do they need that you can best deliver? We saw that small businesses could be far more successful if they could have flexible office space near major transportation hubs, without being weighed down by cumbersome and expensive leases. Our clients need to focus on their business, not their office spaces and meeting rooms and so that’s how we best serve them.

What makes you different? There’s always competition, but what separates Google from Bing? Or Netflix from Hulu? (More silly names with tons of message value!) How are you doing things different than your competition? Jay Suites is different than other flexible office spaces because our spaces are sophisticated and elegant and allow office space to grow with the company. A small business can grow overnight and with one phone call to Jay Suites, all of your office space needs can be easily accommodated.

Why is branding on our mind this week? Well, we’ve just unveiled our new logo! This sleek, sophisticated design speaks to the beauty of our office spaces and evokes a real sense of luxury. Make an appointment to come visit our offices and see why we’re the perfect solution for growing small businesses in New York City.

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