NYC Funished Office Space

‘Tis the season for benefits from a shared office space

The thriving movement of workspace-as-a-service has proven itself to be highly successful for industries across the board. There has been an increased demand for flexible office and meeting space, not only for the budding entrepreneur but for large, established corporations as well. In today’s competitive marketplace, flexible workspace is not only desirable but required in …

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NYC Office Space : The Cost Factor

Finding the right office space for your business can be a time-consuming task but Jay Suites sophisticated executive offices start for as little as $1199 a month with immediate availability and flexible agreements. For cost-conscious entrepreneurs, this is a significant business value packaged into one incredible offer, a definite bang for your startup buck. Jay …

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5 Reasons to Rent Office Space with Jay Suites

Are you looking for some more reasons to become a Jay Suites member? Search no further, we have compiled a brief list for your convenience! The ability to be in control of one’s work schedule is quickly becoming a popular aspiration among millennials, as mentioned in our previous blog. The average entrepreneur’s drive to succeed …

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Planning Ahead for 2016

The New Year is a time of reflection and reevaluation of your annual production, Jay Suites creates a workspace that promotes productivity and includes common spaces that guarantee collaboration among team members. According to a study featured in U.S. News & World Report, “neither salary nor experience has a direct correlation to productivity. Instead, the experiment concluded that it’s the workspace and how people feel about it that truly influence how much gets done.”*

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